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:new: I wanted to remind everyone that this list is up here! Hopefully those who are participating in NaPoWriMo this year will find this list helpful. You also might enjoy an archive I've begun compiling of visual art pieces with great titles and songs/music videos that I've found useful for writing:… :new:

National Poetry Writing Month starts tomorrow! Don't forget to check out the official page (>here<) for details and prompts over the course of the month. Also, as always, if you are in need of more prompts, be sure to take a look at our Prompt-er-ly-ness blog for some ideas!

And now, down to business....


For the past year, I have been working slowly on something I've termed the "100 Poem Project." The idea is, I've created a list of 100 topics, some of them simply nouns, some verbs, some famous people, some song titles, etc. etc. I've been using these themes to write poems, one per topic. To help you all through NaPoWriMo, I thought I'd post my list for you.

:star:But that's not all!:star:

I am opening a folder in the gallery called "100 Poem Topics." Anyone may submit to this folder, whether they are a member of this group or not! I'm trying to help out everyone who is participating in NaPoWriMo, so I want this tool to be available to EVERYONE! The project details are as follows...:pc:

:bulletpurple: You may only submit one poem per week.

:bulletblue:  You do not need to post any questions for critique or a link to a critique of anyone else's poem. However, you must mention this project in your artists comments and the topic off of which you have based your poem. Pieces that do not have this will be declined.

:bulletgreen: Over the course of the month of April, I will be keeping track of the poems written for each topic. At the beginning of May, I will post a master list of all of the submitted pieces and everyone who has participated in a news article.

I really hope you all participate! :) In case you need some inspiration, or want to know more about how it works, feel free to pop on over to my 100 Poem Project Journal. And don't forget, if a topic doesn't make ANY SENSE to you, just google search it. Some of these topics are actually scientific terms, or famous people, or song titles. And if it's a song, going and listening to it on youtube might help you out a LOT.

And last but not least...

:star:THE LIST:star:

1. We Will Become Silhouettes
2. Carbon
3. Pulchritude
4. Tenuousness
5. South by southwest
6. Cold Mountain, North Carolina
7. Thunderstorms
8. Psalms
9. Asheville, NC
10. James Taylor
11. North Carolina (in general)
12. Particle physics
13. Isaac Asimov
14. Terraforming
15. River of Lover
16. Bogota
17. Erinaceousness
18. Virgil
19. Zen Buddhism
20. Voodoo
21. the Arctic Circle
22. Fairytales
23. Leonardo da Vinci
24. Dream transcription
25. Sojourn/the Monomyth
26. Herbalism
27. King Arthur
28. Gothic style
29. Change
30. Heirlooms
31. Texture
32. the Universe
33. the 'Verse
34. Quietness
35. Immortality
36. My Hands
37. Famous Quotation
38. Classical Composition
39. Thunderbird
40. Drowning
41. Down to Earth
42. Superfluidity
43. Piezoelectric Surfaces
44. Personhood
45. Constellations
46. Hitchhiking
47. Electricity
48. Folklore
49. History of Writing
50. Weaving
51. Bonfire
52. Salt of the Earth
53. Enigma
54. Hermit
55. Language
56. Thought
57. Cliff Diving
58. Fear
59. Boundaries
60. Flightless Bird, American Mouth
61. Soul
62. Quartz Crystal
63. Eclipse
64. Python
65. Steam
66. Elementals
67. Hippy
68. Ice
69. the Nine Muses
70. Alice
71. Technology and Humanity
72. June flowers
73. Frivolous
74. Taoism
75. Comers Rock, Virginia
76. Black-Eyed Susans
77. Where Our Destination Lies
78. Sapience
79. Good Omens
80. Puzzle Pieces
81. South African Tea
82. Odysseus
83. Hinduism
84. Hermaphrodeities
85. Barefoot
86. Divination
87. Grapefruit
88. Rocks and Water
89. Equinox
90. Time
91. Resurrection/Reincarnation
92. Qualia
93. Complexity from Simplicity (Emergence)
94. Luck
95. Satellite
96. Magpie to the Morning
97. Albert Einstein
98. Death
99. Vincent Van Gogh
100. Cycle
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We are a poetry community dedicated to the creation of excellent poetry and our improvement as writers.
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"Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them." ~Nathaniel Hawthorne


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Please be aware that this is a poetry-only community.

This group is dedicated to the creation of excellent poetry and our growth as artists. In an attempt to avoid groups with lots of deviants and lots of submissions that nobody reads, I have developed these rules:


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:bulletorange:Please note that submission rules are different for the "Critique, Please!" folder. See below.
:bulletorange:Rules for submitting to the 100 Poem Topics are also different, but fairly easy: you must list the poem topic you used for the piece in the artist's comments. For more information, and a list of the topics, please check out the blog:…

(Please be aware, a critique does NOT have to be one of the official, premium members-only options. It is simply a critical comment on someone else's piece. For assistance, be sure to check out the "Critique Tutorials" collection.)

:work:CRITIQUE, PLEASE!:work:
:bulletyellow: Please only submit works-in-progress to the "Critique, Please" folder.
:bulletyellow: Submissions to this folder must have at least 2 questions to direct critique, but do NOT need to include a link to critique of someone else's poem.


:bulletgreen:Suggestions for group favorites must be submitted by group members, but do not have to have been written by them.
:bulletgreen:Suggestions for group favorites must be of excellent quality and preferably a finalized work.
:bulletgreen:The main favorites category is for poetry ONLY. We do, however, recognize non-poetic masterpieces in the Prose Favorites and the Non-Literature Favorites folders. Make sure you suggest your favorite to the correct folder!

Other than that, HAVE FUN! :blowkiss:


Be sure to check out our super-awesomesauce affiliates!





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You don't have to write poetry a lot! ^^ But if you would like to share it, that is the purpose of the group!
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I totally wonder how that conversation played out lulz.
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